Alkhimia Records - Psychedelic from Argentina



Its a magic fusion that pursuits the invocation
of different realities of the abyss. Like sound alchemists
we pour our sonic ingredients into the bonfire (spectator's mind)
to awake the magic within us (witches, sorceress, chamans and magicians),
for the potion to take effect we must surrender to see everything as part of a whole
guarded by the infinite intelligence that will guide us through the
never ending stories that universes around us posses.
Create your own balance, break free from your mind structures,
dance above your fears, create new harmonic patterns, be aware of the
grand cell we are all part of, open your cosmic conscience channels,
let yourself be guided by the Uprising Masters, Entities and Beings
that transmit knowledge to fulfil purity from each to the whole

"Alchemist founded their science in the principle that the universe
was composed by four classics elements known by their vulgar names which they
represented: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and with them, they built a fifth element
with the power of the other four in its maximum balance and

" Many have said that alchemic is to make gold and silver. For me,
that's not the purpose, but to consider the virtue and power that
relays in medicines"

"Say that when we abandon this planet, we will do it in the form of
insects, when we no longer need our bodies, we will send our spirits
lake a golden beetle swarm taking the sun of knowledge from the abyss
to our new stellar home"
The Invisibles